Liliia Shydlovska

Compliance and ESG Analyst

Liliia Shydlovska joined Horizon Capital in December 2023.

Liliia’s skill set includes the ability to assess environmental and social impacts and provide compliance screenings. She also possesses robust analytical skills for dissecting complex data and providing effective solutions to intricate problems.

With a solid foundation in sustainable development and a profound understanding of business processes gained through her Master’s Program and her professional experience, Liliia has a track record of transforming businesses to be more impact-oriented, both socially and environmentally. During her previous professional experience, she implemented recycling projects and socially oriented initiatives, transformed brand identities, and significantly boosted financial performance metrics.

Her professional background includes conducting in-depth analyses of impact investors in the CEE region.

Liliia holds an MA in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Technology from Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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