Purcari Freedom Blend – the Liberty Wine – Launched Worldwide

Purcari, the Moldovan winery founded in 1827 (http://www.purcari.md), is proud to announce the worldwide launch of Purcari Freedom Blend, also known as Liberty Wine.

This 2011 vintage, is a courageous blend, full of character, made out of three indigenous grapes: Rara Neagra (Moldova), Bastardo (Ukraine) and Saperavi (Georgia). “In a world increasingly dominated by undistinguishable wines targeting the average taste, this wine cheers the authenticity of local, regional grapes. Symbolically, in 2011, the year when Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova celebrated the 20th anniversary of their independence, the grape harvest was exceptional, therefore, the wine is truly a special one. Freedom Blend is more than a wine, it is a manifesto. This limited

edition comes to celebrate the courage and free spirit, values that define Purcari Winery ever since its foundation in 1827”, says Victor Bostan, CEO of the Moldovan winery.

With a rich, velvety taste, Freedom Blend draws on the strengths of the three indigenous grapes, harmoniously united in one bottle. Rara Neagra gives it a refined, fruity nose, Saperavi a dark ruby color, while Bastardo, a Crimean grape, rounds it up, for a structured, smooth body. It is noteworthy, that on January 21, 2015, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin, presented a bottle of Purcari Freedom Blend to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, during the Normandy Four talks in Berlin. “I offered to the host of this event, Frank Steinmeier, an unique wine – the freedom wine. Moldovan, Ukrainian and Georgian grapes. We’ll treat all participants. To freedom!”, Minister Klimkin tweeted to his over 50,000 followers.

Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO of Horizon Capital commented: “Purcari wines continue to be a true standard-setter for the Moldovan wine industry. The winery has managed to fully diversify from relying primarily on the Russian market to broaden their exports to over 25 countries, including Romania, Poland, the Baltics, US, Korea and Japan. Among the newest wins for Purcari are the Berry Bros & Rudd listing, the oldest distributor in UK, as well as access to Vinmonopolet, the Norwegian wine monopoly. I am confident that under the exceptional leadership of CEO Victor Bostan and Purcari’s dedicated team, there will be many more successes to follow.” Purcari Winery is part of Bostavan Wineries Group, a leader amongst Moldovan winemakers. The Group boasts state-of-the art production facilities and has over 800 hectares of vineyards. In addition, the Group owns some of the most well-known Moldovan wine brands: Negru de Purcari and Rosu de Purcari. Bostavan Wineries Group is one of the best known Moldovan exporters with an impressive international distribution network, spanning over 25 countries, with a particularly strong position in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently, Purcari is working on continuing to expand Freedom Blend’s retail presence worldwide. Please contact Artur Marin, Commercial Director of the Group at +373 691 41182 or [email protected] to explore potential cooperation.

Horizon Capital

Horizon Capital (www.horizoncapital.com.ua) is a private equity fund manager that originates and manages investments in mid-cap companies with outstanding growth and profit potential in Ukraine and the region. Currently, Horizon Capital manages three funds, Emerging Europe Growth Fund II (EEGF II), Emerging Europe Growth Fund (EEGF) and Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF), with over $600 million under management.

Bostavan Wineries Group

Bostavan Wineries Group (www.bostavan.md) is a leading Moldovan group of wineries. It owns the following companies: Vinaria Bostavan – a Moldovan winery, with 2 main production facilities – Onesti site (Central region of Moldova), specialized in white wines and Etulia site (Southern region of Moldova), specialized in red wines. Vinaria Bostavan specializes in the production and sales of medium and upper medium segment wines. Crama Ceptura – a Romanian winery and estate, located in the Prahova region, famous for its wines. It specializes in the medium and upper medium product segment. It is also used as the “gateway” of other products of the group to the Romanian market. Bardar – a Moldovan brandy (cognac) producer. Purcari – the undisputed leader among Moldovan wineries in terms of quality and brand awareness (www.purcari.md). It produces and sells only super-premium and premium wines.

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