Horizon Capital Increases Its Stake in Datagroup to Over 70%

Horizon Capital announced today that it has increased its stake in Datagroup, a leading independent telecom operator in Ukraine, from significant minority to over 70%. Following completion of this transaction, Horizon Capital has assumed operational control of the company. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Lenna Koszarny, Horizon Capital’s Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer, commented on the deal: “We are very pleased to increase our stake to a significant majority position in a company that we believe in and are proud to back.  Horizon’s additional financial commitment, together with the appointment in July of highly-respected McKinsey senior manager with strong telecom expertise Mykhailo Shelemba as Chief Executive Officer, truly mark the start of an exciting chapter for Datagroup.  The Company has achieved significant results to date, with leading positions in business-to-business data transmission, international traffic and satellite communication services.  Its services are delivered via an unrivaled infrastructure, including over 19,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cable.  We look forward to Datagroup continuing to offer value-added solutions and services to its esteemed clients and introducing innovative new products and technologies to the market.”

Mykhailo Shelemba, Datagroup Chief Executive Officer, said: “I am truly honored to lead Datagroup at the dawn of a new era.  I want to thank our valued clients across Ukraine, our superb team and committed shareholders for contributing to Datagroup’s success over the last 16 years.  Flexibility and customer focus have always been at the core of our DNA.  Evolving with the market, we are becoming more agile, innovative and efficient.  We look forward to expanding our product line with a focus on new value-added services and end-to-end solutions for our clients.  I am confident that the talented Datagroup team, the trusted partnerships with our customers and strong backing of Horizon Capital, will take the Company to the next level of development, efficiency and profitability.”

About Horizon Capital

Horizon Capital (www.horizoncapital.com.ua) is the leading private equity firm in Ukraine, managing over $600 million in three funds. We invest in visionary entrepreneurs transforming the business landscape in Ukraine and the Region, offering the prospect of superior returns in good times and preserving capital during economic downdrafts. We are known for our integrity, transparency, governance, value creation and successful exits.

About Datagroup

Datagroup (www.datagroup.ua) is a national telecom operator holding leading positions in key segments: data transmission, international traffic transit, satellite communication. The core business of the Company is the organization of data transmission channels and connection to the Internet, fixed-line and digital telephone services, installation of equipment, radio and satellite communications, videoconferencing and video surveillance. Datagroup has established a nationwide network in Ukraine, with an emphasis on the regions, and is a leader coverage of telecom services provided.

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